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interesting thread this. I would prefer to err on the side of caution and declare absolutely anything - it does say clearly in my admiral policy document that any non-standard parts have to be declared.

However, it doesn't explicitly say (i did skim through and ctrl+f keyword search so maybe not read thoroughly enough) anything around where the law lies and what are the contractual obligations, in the event of a claim being made and whether performance modifications that were not declared would have any bearing on the outcome, if the accident had nothing to do with speed.

ive read through this thread and though a lot of people are like 'jesus you must declare your life depends on it!' (which is certainly the side of the fence i'm on!) - has anyone got any clear evidence or examples or can show that in their T's and C's on their car insurance whether it actually answers the questions this debate has brought up?

in any case, actually it would be irrelevant whatever the answer is.
lets suppose the chances of it not mattering are 5% Or even 50%....for the sake of a few hundred quid to cover yourself for an event that could cost thousands, tens of makes no sense to not declare.

declaring the MPPSK to admiral cost me precisely 19....which was the bloody admin fee.

EDIT: with regards to the OP....does seem a bit steep but i'm sure this depends so much on location and other factors as others have already mentioned so who knows what could be causing it?
if we knew exactly how their risk models worked it would certainly help us all!
I've held my license for 15 years, last 10 years of no claims/no offences, live in a fairly quiet suburb in leicester - Admiral came up best with 705 for this year for renewing with them.

Given that insurance companies are basically a cartel, and a bizarre model of it being a legal requirement with private monopoly power - and the end result is everyone else being screwed.

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