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Well, this thread's escalated somewhat.
OP, you should, of course disclose mods. However, there seems to be some misconception as to what insurers can & can't do, and that they have some sort of magical powers.
I'll stay on topic, for clarity, in relation to a remap.
For a remap to have any chance of detection, the ECU must be interrogated. The ECU, as well as the car, is my personal property & contains data exclusively owned by me.
No one is plugging anything in without my express written consent - which would never happen. It really is as simple as that.
The very most an insurer can do, is assess it in terms of damage. That's it. They can not examine it. There is a very clear difference between the two.
The ONLY exception to this would be in the event of a fatal (or potentially fatal) road traffic collision. In which case The Police (not the insurers) would carry out a full forensic examination, which would include interrogation of the ECU.
This in itself would not show a remap. Certain data peaks & values may suggest more power delivery than normal values, but that's all it is.
In this worst case scenario, I'd suggest you'd be having more to worry about... Unless you're the fatality.
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