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Thanks! I love BMW's and I love what I do......even though I'm crazy for doing it.

I think the most common excuse usually begins with, "I didn't know.....", even though I know that the motorist knew that they were speeding, didn't have license plates, etc. With rare exception, we all know when we're breaking the law. I approach enforcement from the mindset that I try to avoid being hypocritical. I don't run a front plate on my car, for example, so I'm not going to jam somebody up over the lack of a front plate if that's the only infraction that I notice. I will, however, write tint citations (...or use it as RS to pull somebody over and hopefully find a way into that car). I don't have tint on any car though. The reason why tint matters [to me] is because it's a professional/occupational hazard, especially in low light conditions. Somebody could be pointing a gun at me and I wouldn't have the slightest clue, so I approach EVERY tinted car prepared for shit to hit the fan.
Been wondering about the front plate, don't have a bracket on my 2012 X5 50i, didn't need it in NC where I bought the car but it's required where I live now in CT. Don't want one either. When I bought my used Vette last year I specifically asked the dealer to remove and I would never put a front plate on it, it's disgusting, been waiting to see if a CT state or local officer will write me up for it. Just can't stand the way they look and on the Vette it would block a lot of air flow on my supercharged/intercooled Callaway, not going to happen. Hope the police understand similarly.
A front plate on a Callaway is as much of a travesty as a front plate on a GT2/GT3, so I get it. If you get cited, pay to play. For the X5, just buy the offset tow hook plate mount.