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Well that behavior falls on the individual driver(s). A seasoned driver would/should just roll off the accelerator and maybe lightly tap/depress the brakes. In most cases, by the time you see us, we've already seen you, so slamming on the brakes is unnecessary.
I was coming to the top of a rise near Temecula. I saw all the brake lights as people crested the hill, noses diving forward, so I lifted.

Guess who got pulled over and cited???
You were the unlucky one that day. Somebody always is. Was it a LIDAR reading? If so, the officer had already beamed you from quite a distance away.
If so he's a better shot than you . I was in a pack of about 10. They all hit the brakes hard and I lifted

It was a nice opportunity to show my teenage son how not to end up calling me from jail. Officer matched what the e90 digital display read within 1 mph

Funny thing, White guy with 3 Hispanic passengers, but we were heading South