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Fine, I'll bite. I would vote for Andrew Yang, and here's why:

1) On his website, he has over 170 policy proposals. He's willing to be challenged on his platform, and not on some vague political promises. Will they all come to pass if he becomes President? Of course not. But it does reflect that he's trying to be as transparent as possible; no other candidate has done the same.

2) On that note, he has been on many Conservative talk shows and podcasts (Fox News, Ben Shapiro, etc.) to talk about his policy proposals. You can find them all on YouTube. Do they all agree with them? No, of course not. But all of them came away impressed with his ability to support his arguments with logic and evidence. All the conversations have been civil and intellectual. I guarantee that there is not a single other Democratic candidate that would do the same, because they would be ridiculed off the stage. [Edit: He also has hosted a lengthy live streaming interviews (including one which lasted 10 hours) where he answered all sorts of viewer questions. Did he perfectly answer all of them? No, but he's willing to explain the logical reasoning behind each of his proposals. I guarantee no other candidate would even subject themselves to this kind of examination]

3) Of course I have to address his foundational platform of Universal Basic Income, so here's my thoughts: I think there's close to 99% chance that UBI would NOT passed if he became President, as it's too radical of an idea and too radical to implement in 4 years. Furthermore, I myself am not fully convinced that it is practical and implementable. However, what Yang's position on UBI does indicate is his willingness to take non-traditional approaches to solving problems, and he's willing to do so if there are logical arguments for them (of course, there are legitimate arguments against UBI as well). I would say that Trump had plenty of highly questionable policies during his campaign ("lock her up", Mexico paying for the wall), as well as plenty of policies that turned out to be completely false, all of which would not have survived any serious logical examination. And yet, he got elected. But unlike Trump, and every other candidate, Yang is willing to be challenged intellectually on his positions (see above).

[note: it is also interesting that even though he polls well below the other heavy-hitting Democratic candidates (Warren, Sanders, Biden), his ideas alone have materially changed the course of discussion among the DNC -- there's now a lot more and more discussions regarding automation and UBI than ever before, and that's all thanks to Yang. Also, Buttigieg has pretty much copied Yang's platform.]

4) He is the most honest and intellectually-capable candidate in the field -- both Democrats and Republicans -- and it's not even close. Even if he ends up getting only a handful of his proposals passed as Presdient, I think the vast majority of the country would be proud to have him as President, which counts for something. I think he would absolutely destroy any other candidate on a one-on-one debate (so far the Democratic debates have been 8-10 candidates, which gives no opportunity to really engage in a real debate).

5) He is one of two Democratic candidates that the polls say that at least 10% of Republicans would vote for. He is also the only candidate that I believe Trump implicitly fears. He's non-establishment and comes from a business background just like Trump, and Trump has said that this is the only type of candidate that he would be concerned about from the Democratic party.

6) Finally, and most importantly, he refuses to talk about Trump. He would rather talk about the problems that caused Trump to be elected, and then try to solve those problems. But he believes, and I agree, that the more the Democrats talk about Trump, the better chance he gets re-elected. Does he believe that Trump should be impeached? Yes, because of Trump's abuse of power. But he doesn't talk about it (unless specifically asked), and instead uses it as an opportunity to veer the conversation away from Trump to the problems plaguing the country.
Great answer, thank you. UBI scares the crap outta me. It goes against every fiber of my being as wrong. Self induced inflation at it's very worst. Here in Az, we have another minimum wage increase in January. Guess what prices are doing in my store? I posted a quote in the UBI thread by Adrian Rogers which speaks directly to this, and it ain't good. Other than that, Yang is not offensive, seems like a nice enough guy, and would be somebody that as a person I would be proud to have as president. But not enough to get over UBI...

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Because most politicians are out of touch and the pendulum swings both ways. The one thing I predicted right during the Obama administration it's that we would swing hard to the right come next election, or at least get very close to it. Be prepared for the pendulum to swing the other way, although I'm not sure who will actually be in office.

Every action has an equal and opposite reaction.

When Batman put on the cowl and cape, the Joker put on his smile and makeup.
Great analogy!

So who do they put up that can sway the moderate Pubs and independent's? Or do they even want to put somebody up like that?