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Originally Posted by XutvJet View Post
How someone could justify voting for Trump in any shape or form is boggling to me and I'm just 5% left of center. The guy is terrible. Simple as that in my book. I wish him nothing but absolutely the worst. His day of reckoning is coming and I'm not talking about impeachment (Senate won't do it). He doesn't care about you or me other than to fleece us.

As for the Democrats putting up a poor group of candidates, I agree. While I don't buy in to the notion that they are all candidates far left leaning, the reality is people at this point in time are either:

1) Voting by their bank accounts and paychecks.

2) Are very religious and will vote for the candidate that "embraces" their values and will look past everything else.

3) Are extremists diehards (both sides) that feel wronged by government, immigration, etc.

This country lacks a critical thinking voting public. You have to know how to compromise and do things for the collective good.
4) Only vote based on the letter next to a candidates name (both sides).