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ewg learns, thats why after some tune “run in” you have less throtte closures.
also you can make tune which runs actual load below target in learning
process, not above. you will have 30-40 hp less in the lerning period but
no annoying closures which you can feel with butt

Originally Posted by kern417 View Post
So I'm trying to wrap my head around our throttle closures. It already seems ridiculous to me that an electronic wastegate can't keep up with DME boost targets, but on top of that its using the throttle angle to compensate. Seems like everyone sees them across all tuners. Not as bad as the JB4 days, but still a factor that's not ideal.

Is it because of VANOS? I mean technically throttle angle is just an interpretation of the intake valve lift, right?

Is it because we don't have an actual diverter valve, so the car uses the intake to bleed off boost in a similar fashion?

Actually it might make sense if the throttle plate itself closes to reduce boost pressure in the manifold, then slowly bleeds air back in while the wastegate is adjusting.

And WHY THE HELL can't an electronic wastegate keep up on it's own?

It's starting to make more senses why big boost went with an aftermarket wastegate + controller combo.