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Bootmod3 Stage 1 91 octane / acceleration improvements (GPS) / stock 435i xDrive

Hi all,

I recently purchased a bootmod3 license for my car, a fully stock 435i xDrive (2015) with 63000 km on the odo. In the process of choosing which tune to get I read a lot about the JB4, bootmod3 and a few other options, and decided to try out the bootmod3 as it seemed the easiest. However, in my search it appeared to me that it was difficult to find improvements for stage 1 tunes (dyno or acceleration figures) as most posts seem related to stage 2 tuning. So I purchased the license and made my own little before and after test with a Dragy GPS logger that I would like to share with you for good karma.

Car and conditions: The car is fully stock with pretty much every (weight increasing) option available. It was about 0 Celsius outside and we were a driver and a passenger in the car - combined about 180 kg. Tank was a quarter full with 91 octane (95 RON). I had winter tires on, but the xDrive removes pretty much any wheel spin even from standstill, so this is probably negligible.

I did two runs before tuning, and two runs after tuning.

Fully stock
0-100 km/h: 5.81s (without launch control)
0-100 km/h: 5.49s (with launch control)

Above figures pretty much align with what I would expect compared to some of my previous runs when I was alone in the car.

Bootmod3 stage 1 91 octane tune
0-100 km/h: 4.98s (without launch control)
0-100 km/h: 4.78s (with launch control)

Again, all numbers are GPS, and I have included screenshots from the Dragy app by the end of my post.

I am seriously amazed with the improvements from this absurdly quick-to-install and easy tune. The car also pulls fantastically. I will probably not do further tuning on this car, but I am seriously considering that the next car I get should be an M4 just because of the bootmod3 tune availability.

Hope this post and data help the next person who wonders how much performance is gained from tuning a stock car.

Best regards


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