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Originally Posted by koutsouk View Post
I understand what you are trying to say.

The thing is that i checked the yellow wire on the unit for voltage and has 12v all the time regardless i bridge the cable from CID or not.
That tells me that MCU somehow sees if the ignition is on and powers the unit and if the ignition is turned to off it powers down the unit.
The can cables come from the M-ASK unit so it must understand that from can cables.
M-ASK / CCC units in older E60 before 2004 are connected to MPM ( micro power module ) that provides current all the time.
But not the CANBUS system. That is connected to another module.
The proof of that is that with ignition off when you press the M-ASK /CCC knob sound comes from radio but the screen does not light on as it should or as it does with the OEM screen installed.
So maybe that for the unit does not power on when unlocking doors.
The question is why the unit powers on if it is on bench only with power and ground in pins 9-10 of the main harness .
Confusing !

They should have an option for how long the unit will stay powered on when terminal R is off.
It is not a matter of connection.
Well it is possible to fix it by changing connection but it is not the proper way of doing that.
Hmmm, maybe that's not confusing at all. You could be entirely right saying that when unit boots or powers down is completely dependent of MCU and CAN messages, not 12V supply. That would mean we don't have to worry about connecting unit to appropriate terminal, rather figuring out MCU. Which in this case is even more complicated... no one has reverse engineered MCU and Chinese are slow (if at all) to implement user requests.

But this would make so much more sense than "primitive" voltage dependency. You could power up or down unit based on CAN messages form CAS (I believe this is how it's done in G series cars - with equivalent of CAS). That would also explain why unit powers up with bench supply and not necessarily when you connect that through CID connector. MCU must have a routine to check for presence of CAN network, if there is one - wait for message and act accordingly, if none detected - power up in "standalone mode".

I would need to go through some materials I have and TIS to verify what I just said, but it makes a very compelling argument. However if that is the case... there is nothing we can do now to benefit from that. We would need to pressure our sellers so they can talk to their engineers and these engineers than would have to... unbreakable chain of command. Someone it this thread suggested way back when if we could talk to the right people, do some crowdfunding, we could probably buy the source code for MCU and Android. I for one would throw in few quid for that.