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To open exhaust flap.

Originally Posted by Tim2189 View Post
Alright guys I am going crazy here
just picked up a 2016 435xi gran coupe and this damn flap will not open!
cold start, idle, sport, sport +
It only opens after 3k during driving

I am trying to get it to open while im not driving so I can disconnect the wire and leave it always open.
on my previous 2015 X6 it was simple, once you start the car, the flap opens and closes testing itself and thats when I was able to disconnect it. It seems this car is different even though the flap and connector are exactly the same.

suggestions on how to open the flap while parked?
Start the car. Warm it up . Switch to sport mode, drive. Flap will open. Get out unplug flap power clip. Youíre set itíll stay open until you replug it. Enjoy!