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Originally Posted by ragingclue View Post
I don't get the demands for a nicer interior, but to each his own....

What gets me is: how is this car going to put down 650 HP when it was so severely traction-limited in performance with "just" 550?
"The previous GT500's performance numbers were often traction-limited, resulting in a 0-60 time not much better than the Mustang GT. To deal with this problem, SVT engineers revised the six-speed manual transmission's gearing in an effort to make the GT500's power more usable. SVT ditched the 3.55 final drive ratio for a 3.31 final drive, and then optimized every gear (except fourth) to better use the newfound torque. SVT further beefed up the drivetrain with a dual-disc clutch and carbon-fiber drive shaft."

I think, that, with the new F1-tires will help it put down that power. Hopefully...Otherwise just starts all the race at 40mph.