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Originally Posted by Polo08816 View Post
My OEM 400M staggered wheels are now my winter wheels. I have a winter setup of:

Front - 235/45/18 Michelin X-Ice Xi 3
Rear - 245/45/18 Michelin X-Ice Xi 3

I'm not there yet to have a 3rd set of wheels/tires strictly for the track.

The problem with F8x LCAs and TS is that you need to be able to do an alignment almost immediately after install. Otherwise, you'll probably tear up your tires just getting to the alignment shop. I remembered reading you might get some rub up front with a 255/40/18 tire. I might end up opting for the OE camber correction when I'm past 100k miles which is sort of pricey since it involves replacing the hubs
The F8x LCAs do throw off the toe significantly, but adjusting toe is pretty easy, so after installing the arms you can do a quick track alignment to get things in shape for the drive to the alignment shop.

As for wheel clearance the F8x LCAs do push the wheels outward a bit (and forward in the wheel wells if you skip the TSes!), but the overall clearance from the strut to the fender doesn't change, so as long as you're a bit flexible with offsets via spacers, you should still be able to make your wheels/tires fit.

I have a set of OEM camber correction hubs (the ones that add -0.5) that I'm no longer using since installing camber plates - let me know if you're interested in them.
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