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Originally Posted by Robin Hood View Post
Exactly! And I find my F30 way faster than my ex F10(both N55), maybe it's the MT box and off course the weight.

Did 200kmh already(125mph) an hour ago(no or almost no traffic) in 6th from 80mph---> 125. It's quick.

It's so much more torquey than that F10. Wow.
Are you really comparing a car that weighs 500 lbs less in terms of performance? LOL The knowledge on this forum amazes me at times.

As far as 0-60 times are concerned, different situations will get different results which is why 0-60 times are not a good way to judge performance. Any sort of incline change, tire change, traction issue, style of launching and temperature will all have to do with 0-60 times. Trap speeds at the end of the 1/4 mile are the only relevant ways in comparing 2 vehicles performance in that regard, the 335i is 5-6 MPH faster than a 328i (which is a huge difference).
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