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Originally Posted by 335BBS View Post
But it doesnt have appropriate tires! Thats like saying "with a tune it will be faster........". It wasnt as good. Get over it.

No it isn't. Your argument is invalid. The tires are like shoes you can place whatever you like on it as long as they fit. My car came with low roll resistant tires.. oh god let me go buy back my EVO because by 335BBS's logic my car needs to be modded to have performance handling!

Tires are a wear and tear item that can be replaced by whatever that fits the stock rim. A MOD would be if the 3 series needed M3 WHEELs to improve their performance on par to the ATS. So really it is FACT that a 3 series with the same tires as the ATS will outperform the ATS as the 3 series with inferior tires is only like 2% less performance then the Caddy.