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Originally Posted by soso2222 View Post
I think it should work! Maybe the diagrams below will help you!
Good luck!
Oh yeah, I already have the wiring pinouts mapped out, thank you though. Become quite familiar with Rheingold over the past 2 years

The difference I believe will be in what the 5/7 series 6WB Cluster outputs to the HUD vs what the F30 HUD is looking for, especially since it looks like the HUD from the higher level cars has a K-Can connection. Haven't had a chance yet to compare the coding yet, but i know another person on the forum who had not been able to get it to work, although I don't believe they went too in-depth into attempting to resolve it yet.

Also, according to realoem, the air duct may need to be replaced on the driver side as well, as there is a different part number for vehicles with HUD listed as #5 on the list here.

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