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Originally Posted by 3lucidus View Post
i asked BMW brookvale. $80 for the part.

they wanted to assess the car first however and claimed that they had done the kit on a car before and it wasn't successful which ended up in a steering rack replacement. sounded like revenue generating to me to be honest.

i advised them that they should be covering it outside the warranty period given its documented every where and a repair kit being created. my car has 42000km and 4 years old so its not like its had a hard life. this was met with "we'd have to assess".

Did you get this fixed in the end? If so do you mind advising the labour cost?

Seems that the "special tool" required is part of a kit including a measuring device so costs $$$ - I assume only a dealer would have this tool. However I've asked my local shop if they can do it - waiting to get a response.

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