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Do I just give up on this? I sign in perfectly on my iPhone Xs Max, OS 13.6.1

However, when Iím on my:
MacBook Pro - High Sierra OS 10.13.6
Firefox browser
Chrome browser
Safari browser

I airdrop the website from my working iPhone to make sure Iíve got that correct. I use my Saved Passwords and Accounts from my iPhone to sign into my account on my MacBook.

But, when I use those iPhone proven credentials from my iPhone, and try to sign in on my MacBook, I get the message that Iíve entered an invalid username and password.

Iíve reset my password so many times. Every time, in the reset password email ON MY MACBOOK, my username includes a Chinese character. If I look at the same email on my iPhone, there is NO CHINESE CHARACTER.

Something is up with my MacBook and this website. I donít know what it is, and Iíve never encountered this issue before, so Iím reaching out here for tech support.

Is this the correct section of the forum to post this? Does this forum have tech support?