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Originally Posted by RPM90 View Post

The camo does NOTHING. Do BMW really think some other company will steal their design? Get real.
If anything, the camo makes for lots of negative initial impressions.
Leave the freaking camo off the dang car.
At least then you can really judge what people may think, and BMW may then have information and time to alter a few things if need be.
Doing the stupid camo while knowing that pictures are being taken is silly.
I really have no idea what they think they are protecting.

Take the freakin camo off so that people can actually see what they may be ordering in the future.
If BMW or Audi or whoever, think that camo somehow enhances a desire for the car, then they have it completely wrong.
It actually ticks me off.

The new 1 series was camo'd and it didn't turn out any better than what people were expecting and the majority hate the new headlights.
If the camo were off and people could see the design direction, then BMW would have had time to alter some of the details resulting in greater acceptance and better word of mouth advertising.
The vast majority of people will never look at spy photos. You're applying an insane sample bias (your opinion only) on a process. The lack of a full reveal allows manufacturers to control the way the car is first perceived in the market and is extremely important piece of marketing.

Not only that but car manufactures aren't going to change the design of a car based on forum feedback of a pre-production car. If this actually ticks you off you really need to learn to relax.