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Originally Posted by oceanview View Post
I experienced that on the Autobahn a few days ago during snow fall. The radar got all covered by snow after a few miles ACC stopped working. Unfortunatelly "normal" cruise control also won't work.
Then I stopped and cleaned the radar, but it got covered by snow again after a few miles and ACC stopped working again.

This is a bit of a pain, because it means that in practice you won't have crusie control during "heavy" snow fall.
Still the driving conditions would allow to drive with Cruise Control activated.(Roads where just wet, not covered by snow nor ice)

I was a bit surprised that normal Cruise Control didn't work in this situation, as it is just holding a defined Speed. But I think they made it that way because "normal" Drivers could get confused by ACC suddenly working different as they are used to. (Although the Driver gets display message that ACC is not working)
Probably, people could get confused if the car would brake by itself or not so I have no problem really with it not working like a normal CC in these conditions even though it most likely could if they allowed it. Maybe it is possible to code.