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Originally Posted by Mako
"Audi and Lexus"

Lexus? LOL, maybe if you want a very nice Camry.

Audi is still very far behind in sales and will never catch up until they get competitive on leases, Mercedes had huge incentives in January.

Anyone see the ATS numbers?
I think your mistaken. People go to Lexus because the car is more dependable and durable. Our last Lexus had over 200k miles when I sold it and only maintenance I did was oil changes. My X5 has now cost me over $7k in repairs since the warranty expired last year.

I recently looked at the LX ($80k range) and GX ($68k) range as a replacement for my X5.

If you think people go with Lexus because it cheaper than you are very mistaken. I also don't think that just because you drive a BMW you have made it in life. I could care less what other people think.

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