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Originally Posted by M5theonlyone View Post
Not to me it doesn't, closed shop.
Plenty of pics and facts about of my M on the main Forum if you search.
I clicked your name and a big picture of your M5 came up. Nice ride man. Singapore was awesome and Vettel drove just like Vettel drives, perfectly. I hope his gloves are off now internally and he starts a Vettel winning streak.
As to the points, points on his license don't define him as a formula 1 driver, period. The points or the board switching at Canada are just points often raised by Vettel haters. If Max takes a shit he's hailed as a down-to-earth hero, if Hamilton posts a video of his dog he's praised as the great God-sent modem age James Hunt, but when Vettel gets angry or frustrated and his feelings show (just like any other human being) then he's a crazy man who's a disgrace to Formula 1 and his character is 9/12 (points) shitty. Vettel won 53 races and he deserved every single one of them specially his last win where he put one crazy fast lap that was enough to won a race while Charlie boi was tiptoeing during his first stint forgetting that there's another Ferrari driver behind him.