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Originally Posted by MoneyFor View Post

I removed 507 and added 508, this went fine,
Coded HU_NBT , ICM and REM everything seems ok,

While trying it worked for about 2 or 3 seconds then the next error pops up in the idrive and dash:

I can ditch the error with Esys, ext app>transmitter>clear all dtc's but when i put the car in reverse or use the button next the gear shift the error pops up in about 2 or 3 seconds. But i can see that the front PDS are working on the 3D image for a brief moment.

So I tried to put the 507 option back in combination with 508 but that dont work at all, error while programming REM. So this leaves me the only opion to wipe the 508 again in the meanwhile untill someone can point me out what this error is and how to solved it.

I must say after loosing the 508, the front PDC's are working but showing on the rear PDC animation, weird...even the sound is working but this is very confusing and not good to leave it this way.

rg K
MoneyFor... just wondering if you ever got this working? After installing the rearview camera & switch... adding option 3AG, i lost my rear PDC. when i remove option 3AG, now my rear PDC is no longer working. Just curious if you got your issue resolved with the coding & what the fix was.