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Originally Posted by SSJTrunks523 View Post
Sorry to be the mad poster, but GuidoK - maybe we are just looking at this different?

Driving OVERLY aggressive might win you a race, but I am looking at VES having a 10-15+ yr career. I agree with you that during any given race, you don't want to give up a spot. But if you are slower, and weave in front of someone at 200MPH, you might not live to race another day. Isn't that what we all want? Constant competitive racing.

VES seems to be losing support of many people by his actions. He has a job that he gets paid to do. Don't you want people to continue to love him? Race by race he might win, but my argument is that it is bad for his overall career and the sport in general (safety-wise).
My point is that as long as no penalty is given, its apparantly allowed. Over the years the competition management has become much more strict than in the early years, so in this case they choose to not give out penalties. why? because it was no ones single fault.
And I didnt say having no respect was an advantage, I said it didnt matter on the track. All professional racing drivers are opportunistic as hell and will grab a chance when they get it. Thats how you get to that level. And I'm sure that such scenarios are set out in detail in advance with the team bosses (the drivers employer), because it can result in either getting a podium spot with more propability to crash or to go home 6th or 10th (or lower) with a few point and little media coverage. There are without doubt meetings about how much risk to take and such.
But that is something completely different that what you said earlier and when something like this incident was done to you, you'd get back at him later at a training session or so for petty revenge. I'm sure you'll get fired for that, the team boss yelling at you for risking multimillion dollar hardware without any chance on result just for some petty grief.
And you also said something about in team fighting. There were no team mates, and 'possible future team mates' are now still straight competitors. the 'enemy' on the track. They are there to get maximum result. Not to make friends or 'gain respect' It's that simple. so you do what you can get away with rule wise and what your team boss or sponsor wants. Because if you dont, the other one will. thats why there were 3 cars in the corner.
If he really was driving too dangerously or caused too much damage, the FIA would give him a penalty. Obviously that can still happen but as of now they dont. What drivers say on tv is of no importance, thats just playing the media. Maybe hoping or trying to put RBR in a bad daylight so they slow Verstappen down. The FIA has the power/mandate to give penalties and who am I to say they dont have the knowledge or expertise. because that's basically what you're saying. You're angry that they didnt black flagged him. because you know better than them.
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