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Originally Posted by P1et View Post
Not that I care much, and I guess you can "claim" whatever you want to claim.
I dont think its that simple.
He has dual nationality rights. But you cant claim whatever you want. for instance, you would not be able to claim any nationality you want at the same time. I would not be able to claim belgian nationality and lose my dutch nationality I think.
He can both get a belgian and dutch passport. because he has both citizenships on basis of birth. Ius sanguinis is that called, and is also permitted by belgian law since 2008. That he travels under belgian papers says nothing. He would have to go the the dutch consulate to get a dutch passport in belgium instead of the local town hall for a belgian passport, so probably too much hassle.

But he says it himself in the interview. "I'm dutch".
You're not arguing with me, you're arguing with Max himself
And he has been asked that question multiple times (because we're defiantely not the first to discuss this ) and he always answers the same that he considers himself dutch:
"Max Verstappen neemt daar nu zelf een duidelijke stelling over in. "Ja, het klopt dat mijn moeder een Belgische is, ik ben in Belg´e geboren en ik heb er ook gewoond, maar dat was eigenlijk alleen maar om te slapen", laat hij weten aan Motorsport total. "Zodra ik wakker was ging ik naar Nederland, en ik heb daar ook mijn sociale contacten en vrienden opgebouwd. Ik ben als een Nederlander opgevoed, en zo voel ik mij ook!", aldus Verstappen Junior tegenover"

Remember its not my point of view, its HIS point of view.
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