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You cannot make claim on dutch nationality and belgian nationality at the same time, as where he can in the legal context I explained before (I presume you dont have dual nationality). He has the right to carry 2 passports at the same time.
So that is a big difference to your example. Not having a passport from that country does not set your nationality. There is no rule that you have to be in posession of that passport. And for 'the law' as you so call it, it would be there where your place of residence would be set. That is where all legal documents are sent to.
For him in the near future probably monaco (doesnt he already have a place there?)
For instance he would be able to vote in the netherlands (actually both in belgium and the netherlands afaik), where you cant. He would even be able to vote twice for the EU parliament. That's not legal, but impossible to check.

It's still strange to contradict him on his words.
He can make claim on both nationalities and he feels dutch. That is how he says he feels.

For you to make claim for dutch nationality/citizenship, it would take 5 years (you'd have to live here for 5 years to make a claim on dutch citizenship), whereas he can do that instantly because of his right of birth. Thats the difference. Also you'd have to reject belgian nationality to be granted full dutch nationality, where he doesnt have to do that. This is due to partly of the dual nationality of his parents, and part due to his age. So in the future (I think 10 years, I dont know exactly how that works with born nationality) he has to make a choice. Only after then you can say that he's dutch or belgian. For now, he is both. I think thats the complete legal situation. So 'by law' so to say.
He got the dutch nationality at the moment his father acknowledged the child was his when he was born (automatic procedure when they were married at the time), just as he got the belgian nationality at the moment his mother acknowledged the child (notify the municipality when he was born). I think thats how it goes procedure wise.
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