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I did look into this & actually, it's not a CEL but a soft fault - and it seems to be a crapshoot whether your car has it from the install or not

The fault definitely only happens if you install the extra spring they include to allow the variable function of the valve vs. strictly OPEN/CLOSE operation like the OEM valve.

The spring does not have to be installed for the DV+ to work, but it's kinda defeating the purpose to not install as that is the feature that increases throttle response over the OEM

From the GFB instructions:

The DV+ can be configured in two different ways, depending on your desired outcome. Fitting the DV+ with the main spring installed as shown on the previous page can be thought of as a “Sport” mode, offering the best possible throttle response and boost recovery during on/off throttle applications (i.e. during gearshift with a manual transmission).

Using the main spring means the DV+ can open and close progressively in response to how much boost pressure is present, unlike the factory diverter which just opens fully regardless of whether there is boost to vent or not. Because this operation method is different from the factory diverter, it is not unusual or detrimental to hear a different sound from the intake when lifting off the throttle at low RPM, especially if you have an aftermarket intake or a larger turbo installed.

Additionally, in some cases this different operating method may be mis-interpreted by the ECU as a faulty diverter valve (it simply sees the diverter doing something different, it doesn’t know the diverter is actually attempting to improve throttle response), resulting in fault code P2261 being recorded. This does not indicate that the DV+ is faulty, nor does it cause any issues to the turbo or engine.

If the fault code or different sound occurs and you want to prevent it, or you simply want a direct replacement for the factory diverter that is stronger, holds boost better, and lasts longer, you can choose to install the DV+ WITHOUT the main spring behind the piston. This configuration can be thought of as an improved “Standard” mode, which behaves just like the factory diverter, but with the added benefits of better boost-holding, strength, and reliability.
I contacted Andrew @ AA to see if they are running this on their tune test car, whether they have seen any errors, and if so, whether they can program the fault out...
100% my luck this will give me a fault