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Originally Posted by LiNDi View Post
Hi all,
I'm about to start my little N55 project and have ordered FMIC, CP and catted DP this Thursday. My car is a 2012 335i PWG with MPPK and I wanted to be on the safe side before actually applying any flash tunes. However, I thought it might be a good idea to log some stock pulls and that was one reason why I pulled the trigger on bm3 yesterday.

So today I logged two runs from 3rd to 5th gear (my car is an 8AT). From my little understanding of reading these logs I think there is not much to worry about but I noticed two things that made me thinking:
  1. Boost seems to be logged in hPa and reaches 1600 during WOT. If I do the math correct this would mean 23 psi or 1.6 bar. I assume this is an absoulte value and I need to subtract 1 bar atmospheric pressure, correct?
  2. I see timing corrections for cyl 3 in run 2, is this normal and why?

Run #1

Run #2

What do the pros think of those pulls? Everything as it should be?
I appreciate any feedback!

Timing looks amazing. Not sure what you see?

U need to change your settings in the logging area. I never seen those measurements.