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Originally Posted by ceedawg View Post
He will make more than 10whp without the DP. That was the purpose of the tune!
How so? Heís stage 1. Just Bc he was piggy before and now has a flash that doesnít mean he has to make more power. In fact the benefits of a flash are more about smoothness. The jb4 made tons of power. I donít like your logic. That a flash makes more power than piggy. I donít think itís accurate.

I hate to do this already. But if he made 300 stock then this is a very very favorable dyno. So after hearing that I may have to take up my numbers. That sounds like 20whp higher than norm. If he is using same dyno then 338 is low. But either way stage 1 is 320-340. Thatís what I been telling you all along. You need to run a dp if you want to have a quick car on these n55. Unless of course you are considering meth and upgraded turbos. Etc. Anyways this is exactly what we been butting heads on. I am surprised that, considering the amount of time you spend in the forums, you arenít seeing this. No offense. I just never understood your perspective.