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Originally Posted by matty088 View Post
How so? He’s stage 1. Just Bc he was piggy before and now has a flash that doesn’t mean he has to make more power. In fact the benefits of a flash are more about smoothness. The jb4 made tons of power. I don’t like your logic. That a flash makes more power than piggy. I don’t think it’s accurate.

I hate to do this already. But if he made 300 stock then this is a very very favorable dyno. So after hearing that I may have to take up my numbers. That sounds like 20whp higher than norm. If he is using same dyno then 338 is low. But either way stage 1 is 320-340. That’s what I been telling you all along. You need to run a dp if you want to have a quick car on these n55. Unless of course you are considering meth and upgraded turbos. Etc. Anyways this is exactly what we been butting heads on. I am surprised that, considering the amount of time you spend in the forums, you aren’t seeing this. No offense. I just never understood your perspective.
Other than not every tuners stage 1 tune is the same,SATURDAY MARCH 31st thats all I will say!!
2k15 335i Msport xdrive 6spd
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