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Originally Posted by rjdnyy224 View Post
Ha I hear you. So of all people I'd think you would agree with me lol. The AR DP not only tapers at exit like you said, but also right before the flex joint, and it looks pretty severe. None of that, including the exit taper to 2.25" will affect performance, but just like I said and like I think you're insinuating, it's can't hurt to have it NOT taper as opposed to having it taper. As mentioned, the preference is unsubstantiated performance wise, but it's a preference I think we both have regardless.
That is a pretty bold claim, but lucky you, I have nothing to back my claim either lol. I do like that the AR Design is a very smooth and long taper to 2.25", as opposed to the abrupt steps of other DPs, but that 2.25" section just went from a small easily corrected section, to a foot long section that cannot be cost effectively corrected. It is a beautiful design though, just not my cup of tea.
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