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Originally Posted by sspade View Post
Speaking of fitment... best stay away from VRSF.

AFE is a proven brand (unlike VRSF)... you should not have any issues with their pipe.
I definitely had issues with my AFE down pipe (though it was a very early model that may have been improved by now).

I tried several times to fit it. Once even by a friend at my BMW dealership that is a BMW tech. It simply would not seal tightly at the downpipe to catback connection, so cutting out that connection and welding in a VBand and flex pipe in it's place was a must, just a nice bonus that I went 3" instead of 2.25" like the original connection. I also had to slightly realign the bracket that bolts to the engine block (no big deal).

In my opinion if you buy a down pipe that does not include a flex pipe section, it is going to be very hard to get a perfect, leak free fit. It is also going to add unnecessary stress to the turbo manifold, turbo, down pipe, exhaust system and all fasteners/hardware in between. Why AFE skipped out on this is beyond me, they ought to know better.