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Originally Posted by DL335D View Post
I pulled the clip on the stock exhaust, wired the flap open and the only change in sound that I noticed was on start up. Will I notice more of a change with the MPE? I don't like driving the car in sport or sport + due to it staying in a lower gear most of the time.
if you're in comfort most of the time, the flap is closed most of the time. i think the MPE will still be louder if the flap is open even if you're driving at a level where it would normally be closed. MPE(axle-back) is basically the mildest loudness upgrade of all the axle-backs, though.

it would have been better you got a REMUS or AWE cat-back instead, but since you already have the MPE i still say just fork out for the CG Precision DS-1 catted down pipe. it's not cheap but you'll get a decent performance bump in addition to the sound. shop around and check out the classifieds below. black friday will be coming up very fast as well.

also in the future you'll get better responses for N55 engine modifications in this sub-forum.

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