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Thanks! I love BMW's and I love what I do......even though I'm crazy for doing it.

I think the most common excuse usually begins with, "I didn't know.....", even though I know that the motorist knew that they were speeding, didn't have license plates, etc. With rare exception, we all know when we're breaking the law. I approach enforcement from the mindset that I try to avoid being hypocritical. I don't run a front plate on my car, for example, so I'm not going to jam somebody up over the lack of a front plate if that's the only infraction that I notice. I will, however, write tint citations (...or use it as RS to pull somebody over and hopefully find a way into that car). I don't have tint on any car though. The reason why tint matters [to me] is because it's a professional/occupational hazard, especially in low light conditions. Somebody could be pointing a gun at me and I wouldn't have the slightest clue, so I approach EVERY tinted car prepared for shit to hit the fan.
If you write tint tickets, I'd assume you'd be doing that 24/7 and not have time to even do the rest of your duties since literally every car on the road has tint, right? Or do you just happen to pick someone randomly to ticket since its your job? Just saying, I personally think ticketing someone who has tint is ridiculous. I understand your reasoning if you pull them over for another reason and the dark tint is a safety hazard for you to approach the car, but pulling them over for tint alone is a horrible reason to give someone a ticket and fuck up someones day.
The reality is that we do pick and choose. It's just like speeding; everybody does it. Sometimes it's your lucky day and sometimes we have your number. The thing to remember is that tinted windows isn't just something a law abiding citizen does to vehicle to add style or reduce heat. The people who rob, harass, murder, traffic, etc. also use tinted windows to conceal. I know it sucks to be cited for it - I've been there before, too - but we all take risks, and therefore, must accept the conditions that come with those risks. Sometimes pulling somebody over for a simple infraction - like tint - leads to a bigger bust.
Glad you agree with it's pretty much a pick and choose. Thanks for the clarification. Wouldn't you think if someone has a clean record and did absolutely nothing wrong to maybe let them slide the tint citation? That's what I don't get, I understand your reasoning but why not let someone off if that's the only reason you stop them for in the first place?