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Here is the question. What is the right answer?

1. Why should the same product be made in the US where the labor cost is very high, vs. made in China where labor cost is very low? Is it ethical to take away US job and give it to China?
Proponent will say "That's how it should work because at the end of the day, just like any regular people, you want to maximize efficiency, minimize cost, to make anything. Like you would choose the shortest path to your way to work. You are not going to intentionally pick the longest route so that Shell company will make more money right?"
Opponent will say " ....... well I don't know ....... ...".

Interestingly enough, low tariff and free trade are meant to improve efficiency and lower cost across the globe. The producer can freely find where it's cheapest to produce goods. The problem is you're running into national security issues, ethical issues, and last but not least, political issues. Both sides will politicize it.

Figure out the three's above and you got the answer.