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I started watching F1 in '95 (and regret not having seen Senna race). This year was one of the best seasons I've seen, although the trend towards overly heavy penalties for racing incidents is troubling. Still, a damn good season. The seasons that were over with 5 or 6 races left were dull. No such issues this year.

The engineering in F1 is simply amazing and is mainly why I watch. Every move the FIA makes to slow the cars down is worked around by the designers who find a way to get the speed back. Awesome.

I'd also like to express my appreciation to this forum for its consideration of those of us who don't watch races live. There is almost never a spoiler thread title here, so I can still come to ZPost for other forums and not worry about learning the results of the races before I've seen them. I was away for the past two weekends and had to tape both Austin and Brazil. I actually got to see them both over the past two nights without knowing who won. Good stuff.

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