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Originally Posted by baconbits View Post
2002, went 9-7 and lost in the wildcard game to the Steelers 36-33.

Mayfield comes off as a tool but our previous QB Manziel running around making dollar signs with his hands after a first down isn't?

I'm not 100% sold on OBJ yet as well because of those issues but we'll see.

Mayfield proved his worth last season. Even during the Redskins game this year, we told them ahead of time "Hey, our first possession will be run like a 2 minute drill so look out" and he still walked all over them WITHOUT OBJ or Landry on the field so...
Some analysts claim Mayfield to be a top 10 QB already. Sorry but he hasn’t shown much to be labeled that high. He’s a young talent that could be special down the line but the thought of them making/winning the Super Bowl this season, I don’t see it. Manziel was/is a clown. Maybe Dallas should sign him for more back page/ESPN news.

Was Derek Anderson the Browns QB in 2002? I can see the Browns MAYBE having a bettter record over Baltimore. Their QB is the X factor but the Steelers should rebound as I see Big Ben having a big year.

As for my Giants, OL and linebackers are the key. Eli still has the arm to move the ball but whatever happens, this will be his last season on the Fiants. Jones will take over in 2020. Giants have a shot at the playoffs but I’m thinking no because of their OL.

Redskins, I don’t see them making noise.
Philly..better hope Wentz doesn’t get injured again.
Dallas...playoff team that always folds early.
Miami (since they are big shit)...tank season unless they play Rosen and see if he’s their future QB.
Jets....I predict no playoffs but 9-7 with progress going into 2020.
Raiders....they stink and I think the game has passed by Chucky.
Pats...Brady will be abducted by aliens but they’ll still win the SB.
Texans...Mariota will lose his starting job to Tannehill. playoffs playoffs
Seattle SeaChickens...playoffs if they run with it instead of passing on this season and looking ahead Mr.SugarSkulls
Colts...Luck is overrated.
Arizona...please lol.
Chargers...Rivers can’t get over the NE hump.
Falcons...SB still haunts them but they’ll be in the playoffs.
Chiefs....playoffs but no SB. Andy Reid, some things aren’t meant to be.
Jags....interesting to see how Foles does in a full season. I’ll say playoffs.
Rams...should rebound but SB again? No.
Panthers...Cam will rebound and make the playoffs.
Bengals.........fill in the blanks.

Ok I’m done.
Originally Posted by RaptorKTM View Post
So there is actually more of a chance to get more hp out of a 330 then a 335 in my opinion
Originally Posted by Wmf80 View Post
Seems like ur out of touch with baseball a bit. A few years behind.
You didnít know who Hader was. And Kershaw is a mess in the playoffs. No thanks

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