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Originally Posted by SCOTT26 View Post
Z5 is an unknown quantity as its being placed a little higher than the current car, mainly against the Jaguar F-Type.
So it is a full relaunch of a new model aimed at enticing more Sports car owners from the more accessible Z4.
That is why there is an advanced programme of development with Toyota on the new car as both companies can pool resources on one car.
BMW see the relaunch of the Z series similar to the BMWi cars with a new genre of sports cars using a lightweight philosophy although aimed at performance rather than sustainability.
Should the car initially be successful? Then we will see progress.
You say its going against the F-Type (which is an awesome car) but based on all the information we have seen it's only competing against the F-Type on size (and probably price)! Jaguar has RWD and AWD options vs BMW RWD only, and the engines are not even close if BMW is only putting the 4 & 6 cyl in there, Jaguar starts at 340hp (which would compare to a Z5 M40i if made) and goes all the way up to a 550 HP version (meaning BMW needs the M5 engine to compete). the 340 hp version starts at $65K.

now if BMW offered a Z5M with AWD for $108K to compete with the F-Type that would be amazing.