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Originally Posted by SCOTT26 View Post
I don't think a Z5 with xDrive is on the cards. Why can't the BMW demonstrate the similar levels of power but with less cylinders?
Its the change which is coming and not necessarily for this car but the BMW Power eDrive power train is a six cylinder albeit assisted drivetrain with 670PS. It illustrates a possible future for performance.
And besides the Jaguar is not a light car.
my first 3 cars were a 2000 Z3 M Roadster, 2004 Z4, 2006 M Coupe (all used). Obviously I have a soft spot for BMW roadsters, even with its weight issues the F-Type is an amazing car for the price (price/performance), I am just hoping if BMW is going to be at the same price they will also compete performance wise, they also need to realize AWD is needed to put the power down, the M3 has already shown these issues (when all these cars had under 400HP traction was never an issue, even the light weight ones). Obviously if all we are going to see is the I4 and I6, AWD is not needed, I was speaking more to the possibility of a full blown M, OR if we see a M50i with say 450 HP, that could use xdrive...