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Originally Posted by SCOTT26 View Post
Why can't the BMW demonstrate the similar levels of power but with less cylinders?

Why? I think the biggest reason is your going to want me to spend probably $55K plus on a car with only 4cyl. That isn't going to happen if I can pick up an F-Type at a similar price. Plus, have you heard the F-Type? It sounds amazing I just have a hard time believing a 4cyl will be able to give me the acoustic satisfaction. Let alone if you compare the BMW 6cyl to Jag 8cyl. Hopefully, the Z5 will offer an amazing driving dynamic where the 4cyl works perfectly for it. But I suspect the 4cyl should be saved for a Z3.

The F-Type gives me a similar feeling that the Z4 Coupe did when it first came out. I hope the Z5 can match that feeling. You are setting the expectation high by going after such a gorgeous looking and sounding car. Please live up to them.