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F3x MSport Steering Wheel -> F8X Swap Notes

Hi all, just wanted to share some insight about the swap and show off some pics.

This was pretty involved for my standards but looking back I could have done it in half time if I new what I was doing. Plenty of videos on youtube have the proper DIY for this but just sharing some notes.

You need the following trim pieces, both front AND back as the rear trim also has a split spoke in the middle to accommodate the anterior trim piece. I bought the front one used for 60 bucks and the rear new for 55.

You will also need the F8x paddles. Do not buy the cheap junk ones from eBay, those are just Chinese knockoffs. I bought mine from someone on Facebook and they feel GREAT both in hand and on wheel.

Here we start

Be sure to get a big enough breaker bar, that 16mm nut was not easy especially with the wheel turning when trying to remove. Also be very careful not to mess with the clockspring and steering angle sensor. You will get a fault code otherwise (more on that later)

Following trim removal, we can appreciate the foam piece where our split spoke on the new trim will be. Was caught off guard by this but not to worry, it easily is removed.

At this point I decided to remove the rear trim before removing the right sided paddle. It was pretty difficult to get access to the blue connector so I ended up removing the push pin from the paddle and sliding the rear trim over the 1/2 paddle since it could now fit through the trim cutout. Below is another angle of the foam. This picture was also important as it showed the original layout of most cables. Take a picture of this as soon as you can for reference just in case.

Installation is the reverse. I had issues with my front trim fitting and I believe I had one of the cables not in the proper routing channel. After some adjustments it snapped mostly into place and was secured by the Torx fasteners.

Because I messed with the clockspring I had 3 PDC faults. All I needed to do to clear it was turn the wheel all the way left, all the way right, then repeat.

Appreciate 3