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Originally Posted by J1n View Post
TWD .. can i get your input on taping up the car before detailing.. do you think that it is necessary with all the new waxes which are rubber safe and don't leave residue?
Hi J1n,

It depends what needs to be done (during compounding/polishing stage)

9/10 times you should tape the car up but it does depend on what the polish is like and what areas you are working on.

The rubbers should be taped up, otherwise your rotary or DA has a strong possibility of damaging seals. Other grilles and delicates should be taped up too.

Also, when working with certain cars (usually supercars) or in difficult areas, it pays to tape up other parts of the car (edges or angled panels). Why? So you can concentrate on one particular area rather than worrying about your machine affecting another panel.

Here's an example from an F355 GTS we worked on:

Taped up either side of the targa top...

Taped up every grille in the engine lid...

I had originally taped up all those rubber seals around the lid as well, but had been removed prior to that photo
I don't have photos of it, but the C pillars on the Ferrari need to be taped up when you are working on the rear guard, so your machine doesnt start cutting/polishing the perpendicular panel.
Then the opposite panel (rear guard where it meets C pillar) is taped up so you can work on C pillar.

Hope this helps out mate