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Hey guys!

I just wanted to start a thread on the AA flash tune. I know we at an exciting time where companies are releasing flash tunes that remap factory DME tables. Before the piggyback tune was really the only option. From my experience with the JB4, arguably the best and most popular piggyback tune, I was impressed. You definitely felt the power increase and the Bluetooth app was awesome. The ability to switch maps, monitor a whole slew of things and make changes on the fly was great. But it did lack somethings that I was personally missing when compared to other N55s. It seemed mine was a lot more tame. Now this is a very specific case that no one I've met has experienced. This is what made me start questioning the products I had on my car.

As I got to FBO I was just not happy with my performance and sound. I was hoping for a lot more, I think as gear heads we always are. Lol

After starting a thread about why my car was so quite and realizing that this was an issue very specific to me. Tons of people chimed in telling me how good their cars sounded, with less mods. Which I appreciated so much, thank you to everyone giving me good feedback!

This made me frustrated so I decided to head over to the east coast to visit AA. I originally went to get my exhaust custom fit to my car because it rides slightly lower than most, lol. So my tips were not lined up correctly. Talked to Rob and set everything up. I got there right when they opened and had a long talk with Andrew, who is extremely knowledgeable on the N55. He agreed something was off and it was super quiet. We went back and forth eliminated things it couldn't be. Long story short we decided to fix the exhaust which included a midpipe resonator delete and the AA flash tune. I also added the FMIC because it was the last mod to complete my FBO. Big shout out to for always getting me what I need.

The guys at AA worked on my car all day. Open till after close to make sure everything was right. This shop is immaculate. Super professional and the products are quality. I don't care what anyone says. Yes I know they are expensive but I've learned you get what you pay for and if I went with them from the beginning I would have saved money in the long run. More importantly I would have saved headaches!

I fully recommend AA for all your modification needs. I do not work for them and I am not sponsored by them, however I wish I was!

I am just a regular car enthusiast that appreciates good products. I'm super anal about my car and am often disappointed with work done but that was NOT my experience at AA.

The tune is smooth AF. Definitely better than the JB4 with my driving style and car. First off it feels faster. Second it sounds soooo much better. It's so fun to drive! Thirdly it's smoother all around. The car pulls so hard at higher RPMs. The JB4 may have a little more power on the low end but then kind of dies off. The AA tune pulls smooth throughout all the RPMs and doesn't die off on the higher end. It's a full hard pull all the way through the gear. Almost more power at the higher RPMs like I stated before. Which is so much fun! Obviously everyone has their own opinion of "quick" or "fast" but my car is a completely different animal after I switched to AA.

Again thanks to Rob and Andrew!

Guys contact them for any questions on products you are interested in. It's worth exploring at the very least.

Please also feel free to ask me any questions. I will be posting more videos once I get the chance. Below are a before and after video. FYI not the best videos.

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