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- SCHMIEDMANN - F30/F80 LCI taillights comparison

Are you looking for new LCI taillights to retrofit on your F30/F80?

There are several opportunities to choose from and here we compare them with each other - All of them original BMW parts.

We have taken a few snapshots of the current LCI taillights offered by BMW. We often get people asking about retrofitting new taillights on their BMW F30/F80. BMW offer a few different versions of the LCI taillight and from first eye glance, the standard and blacklines looks very similar, but together in the same light, you can really see the difference - And then there is also the set of ///M-Performance taillights.

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Standard LCI Euro taillights
These taillights came on all 3-series F30/F80 LCI models. The Euro version is with yellow turn indicators. Despite being the standard for the BMW F30/F80, this taillight is not a boring one.

Part numbers for standard LCI Euro spec - LHD

Left side: 63-21-7-369-117
Left trunk lid: 63-21-7-369-119
Right side: 63-21-7-369-118
Right trunk: 63-21-7-369-120

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Blackline LCI Euro taillight

The Blackline LCI taillights was offer with the Sport-line/ M-sport package in EU from 07/2017. These lights also seem to be the ones used on the brand new BMW M3 CS.
They are a tint darker red and the inside housing is now black instead of silver. The Euro version is with yellow turn indicators.

Part numbers for BLACK line LCI Euro spec - LHD

Left side: 63-21-7-456-519
Left trunk lid: 63-21-7-456-521
Right side: 63-21-7-456-520
Right trunk lid: 63-21-7-456-522

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Name:  P90283540_highRes_the-bmw-m3-cs.jpg
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///M-Performance LCI Euro taillights
The M-Performance LCI lights kit came out in the beginning of the year. They provide a very different look to the rear of the car. These lights are clear glass with a black housing and a very distinctive red LED line. The Euro version is with yellow turn indicators.

Part numbers for ///M-Performance LCI Euro spec LHD

Entire set: 63-21-2-450-105

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Image at the courtesey of Instagram: @aw_f30

If you are interested in any of these headlights or have any questions, feel free to contact us at:

Phone: +45 65 94 15 45

We also have plenty of great used part:
Phone: +45 74 49 11 80