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Have the spring rates for the standard and M-Adaptive F31 suspensions ever been posted? I tried searching but had no luck.

I did find a reference that the rear spring rates are similar to the Eibach 11-20-014-14-HA which is found in E10-20-031-14-22 and E10-20-031-15-22.

I'm currently running Koni SA/ Eibach E10-20-031-04-22 (F 1020kg; F11-20-031-02-VA and R 1310kg; F11-20-031-03-HA) with F8X bump stops, but I'm not too pleased with the ride. At low speed, the road feels wavy and the car seems to rock side to side. Once I pick up speed it feels better.

I'm thinking of playing around with different spring configurations. At this point, I don't mind losing some of the drop from the Eibach springs and try a stiffer than stock M-Sport or F8X spring. I did find a super cheap set of M4 springs (DCT) I'm considering to try out.

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Also, I had my OE F31 rear spring compared to my Eibach F31 rear spring at my suspension guru's today and they have about the same spring rate. My suspension guy said that's not too uncommon where a lowering spring company will only stiffen the front rate.