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This is primarily for 328iX and FaRKle!, but if anyone knows the answer, please chime in!

Do we know the difference in spring length and spring rate for the front springs in the two Eibach kits (E10-20-031-14-22 and E10-20-031-15-22). From Eibach's EU site, *14-22 lists F11-20-031-01-VA with front axle load 965kg and *15-22 lists F11-20-031-02-VA with front axle load 1010kg, yet both list a 30mm front drop and I can't find anything about spring rate or spring length.

I'll be ordering a set for my 2014 328d Wagon to pair with the Koni SAs, but want to know if the difference is simply starting ride height, if ride height is the same and the spring rate is different, or if they're both different. I've got an email out to Eibach too, but figured someone here may be faster with the answer.
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