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Good thing you caught it, can't believe they're still making that mistake
Thank you for posting the info!

I just got off the phone with both H&R and Turner/ECS. H&R confirmed that 28895-4 is the wrong kit and that 28895-8 is the correct kit. I called Turner/ECS and they were clueless. I explained the issue and that I talked to H&R and they confirmed that the Turner’s fit guide is incorrect. The lady asked me what type of car, model, etc., and then had the nerve to tell me the -8 kit would not fit my car. I asked her where she was getting the info and she said from their fit guide.

After explaining it to her again, I still don’t think she got it. She issued a return label and stated when they get the -4 kit back, they’ll drop ship the -8 from H&R. They didn’t offer any apology or way to accommodate me and speed up the -8 kit getting to me. When I suggested that she may want to have someone update the fit guide, she made no comment.

I’ve been buying from Turner since 2001 and it’s really sad how what was such a great company to buy from has now become part of this giant ECS conglomerate where customer service is non-existent.

Rant over.
I didn't even deal with ECS / Turner. I went straight to H&R, made them pay for all the repairs and send me the new parts. They actually told me not to get ECS involved which is why I imagine it was never updated. I was under the impression they would notify them.