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Originally Posted by Burgers View Post
If anyone could give me their advice on an issue it would be great!
I just installed some B16s and set all of the parts to the same thread count: 10.
The front right of the car is now about approximately 3/8" lower than the front left. Should I raise that coilover to have an equal height? I saw on the forums here that there is naturally some difference in balancing. Or would it be better to simply ensure that the coilovers are equal height and let it be?

Thank you.
Is that WITH you in the drivers seat, or not?

You probably want it level and balanced with your typical car load... so driver + normal passengers & luggage.

If you're normally the only one in the car, then just you. If there's always others in the car, then take that into consideration.

But sounds like with someone in the drivers seat then it might be pretty level
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