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Originally Posted by dd1981 View Post
Yes it was just for sound deadening. It felt like a wig lol. Not sure what the material was. I think as for drone there will be some because even my m perf muffler gets a tad bit but only when driving in comfort or Eco when low rpm and all gears are in play. Ill post up as I go, I figure about another a week or so ill have it wrapped up.

You and are thinking alike . I want to see if this works and ill sell my m perf muffler as well. That's a nice move with the muffler tape and testing it. Reading your post and your past experience in doing this really makes me think I'm doing the right thing and it will be a success. Ill defoentely post up pics and sound clips.
So there IS some drone with the M Perf Exhaust (as mentioned above in comfort and ECO mode)???