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Originally Posted by glennQNYC View Post
Springs are nice because they lower the car's center of gravity along with increasing the spring rates... But any spring kit I've purchased didn't change the oversteer/understeer characteristics as much as sways. That being said, I've experienced more of a sacrifice in ride quality with sways than springs.
Suspension is all about balance.
Too much of any part without compensation on another is going to cause a not so great result.

Sways are the last part of the suspension equation.
They are a fine tuning piece, not a part to substitute for the lack of the primary springs and dampers.

Sways could be the answer for some drivers who are looking at only a little bit of fine tuning of the stock setup.
Bars effectively increase spring rate on cornering, and that could be just the little bit someone wants.
But sways aren't going to help with drive or lift or fore and aft balance into and exiting a turn where heavy braking can unbalance the chassis causing a not so great turn entry and exit.

It really depends on what one is trying to do.
The biggest benefits I've experienced has come from springs and dampers first then sways.

In one FWD I had the thick sway bars made for worse handling.
Once I upgraded the dampers, ahh, then the sways made sense on that car in particular.

People overstate what ticker bars can do in the overall equation.
As I said, they may feel a certain improvement likely because the minor change is what they wanted, and/or they don't push their car hard enough to feel the where the base suspension may be lacking.
But that's ok too. If one doesn't drive that hard on the street, then they aren't using the full capacity of the base suspension. There the sways are adding a nice touch, and that's great.