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Originally Posted by DrivenByE30 View Post
I want to say sometimes the 2nd half of June... I just hope it's ASAP!

and seeing your car i really want to drop my car too!
probably HR Sport... i wont do the Super Sport...

would you advice me to do the suspension pack too? or is the shorter spring enough?

or should i wait for Biltstein to release their pack ?
I've been putting a lot of miles on the car since installing H&R Sports. I want it to settle quickly so I can get an alignment. Here are a couple thoughts.

- Sports are supposed to lower the car .8 inch in the front (for Sport Line). But I think it's a tiny bit more than that on a 335i... thanks to the heavier engine.

- I also think it's getting lower as it settles.

- The ride. I came from the Sport Line which is already lowered but with the H&R there is a noticeable decline in ride quality. Some say it's stiffer. I beg to differ. I think it's a little bouncier. Not much. Just a little. There is less travel room in the strut, so you have to be wary of any road hazards. (Before people claim I'm out of my mind, I've had a lot of experience with lowered cars. I've lowered hundreds of cars in my life time. Everything from chopping springs to installing amazing coilover systems with every adjustment possible. Heck, I've been lowering cars as a teenager before I even had a drivers license.).

- THAT BEING SAID. You get used to the ride quite quickly. I only noticed those differences because I'm super particular about my ride comfort. I prefer a more comfy ride vs super stiff and racecar-like. If someone drove your car and you didn't tell them it was lowered, they probably wouldn't notice the difference. My wife didn't notice the difference in ride quality. It still sucks up moderate bumps quite well.

- The springs are supposed to be progressive, so I'm sure they'll stiffen up if you take it around corners at fun speeds.

- For your car, I'm sure you'll see more difference in ride quality since it is the standard height.

- If you lower your car, it's a trade off. Inconvenience + Killer Look.

- If you're serious about ride quality and daily driving, wait for a package. If you're serious about sportiness and great looks, get the H&R Sport Springs now and upgrade when a kit becomes available. It doesn't break the bank to lower on H&R.

Hope this has helped!